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Visual Story Mastery
"How to unleash the power of storytelling, branding and visual marketing to grow your business"

By the end of this course, you will be able to effortlessly attract the customers you want for your business. To achieve that, you will build a meaningful brand you can be proud of, including a branded website, branded social media, engaging graphic assets, videos to tell your story, merch and storytelling frameworks to market your products and services.

What is it? Visual Stories is a 6-week online course with  live Q&A calls and a community of entrepreneurs. The course shows you how to grow your business using the power of branding, visual marketing and visual storytelling.

Who is it for? Visual Story Mastery is for digital marketers who have a small business and want to grow it, and for "offline marketers" who provide services to small businesses and want to add a new high value service to their offer.
Where does it happen? The Visual Stories course is online and consists of training videos, tools, templates, live Q&A calls and a Facebook community. You complete it online, on your own time. There are 6 weeks in the course drip fed weekly.

How does it work? You follow the step by step training, watch the videos, complete the action items, use the provided tools and templates. Ask questions in the Fb group or on the live Q&A calls, follow the process, get results.
When does it start? Because Visual Stories is online up, it starts the moment you enroll. It will take 6 weeks to complete but you might do it at a faster rate. As a founding member you get lifetime access.

Why does it exist? We created Visual Stories because most digital marketers are clueless when it comes to branding, visual marketing and storytelling. This is causing them to lose customers. Plus having this knowledge is a huge opportunity if you sell marketing services to increase your income.

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Week One - The Hero you serve
To get clarity and purpose, you must first understand your role, where you stand and exactly where you focus should be. 

1.1 Killing your ego (old way vs new way)
1.2 The Customer Hero   
1.3 Your brand strategy
1.4 Your brand brief 

Week Two - Becoming the helper
In this week we will create a brand identity that will serve as your way to impress your message on your hero. 

2.1 Who you are
2.2 The right colors
2.3 The perfect typeface
2.4 Your logo 
2.5 Imagery
2.6 Your voice
2.7 Your brand bible

Week Three - Preparing for the Hero’s arrival
Now that we know who we serve and we have a brand identity to support it, we’re going to update our various brand touchpoints to speak to our ideal customer. 

3.1 Prelaunch
3.2 Your website
3.3 Delivery 
3.4 Facebook
3.5 Twitter
3.6 Instagram
3.7 Pinterest
3.8 Linkedin
3.9 Stationery
3.10 Merch & Ephemera

Week Four - Visual story marketing
All the elements are now in place to deploy your visual story marketing in line with your customers wants and needs.  

4.1 Visual principles
4.2 Magic Design
4.3 Sales page visuals
4.4 Blog visuals
4.5 Social media posts
4.6 Ads
4.7 GIFs, Memes, Mockups
4.8 Youtube thumbnail
4.9 Universal blueprints

Week Five - Brand stories
Story frameworks are at the heart of every good marketing campaigns. Armed with these you will be able to deploy all kinds of videos, emails, social media updates, etc.

5.1 How and when to use stories
5.2 Problem Agitate Solve
5.3 Before After Bridge
5.4 3 Act Structure
5.5 Feature Advantage Benefit
5.6 Story spine
5.7 Pixar story
5.9 Other noteworthy story frameworks

Week Six - Branding as a service
Now that you have been able to rebrand yourself, it's time to look at ways to offer this service to others. 

6.1 Overview
6.2 Your niche and offer
6.3 Conversion strategy
6.4 Client attraction
6.5 Delivery

The easy step-by-step formula for becoming a master visual marketer 
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Tired of courses where it's all talk and no walk? Visual Story Mastery includes done-for-you Youzign templates to help you create your brand assets so that you can make immediate progress.
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At the end of each week you will be invited to take an assessment based on the work you did during the week. This is a great way to revise your skillsets and save your progress.
Value: $297
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Because our mission is to help digital marketers create meaningful brands and engaging visuals, we decided to make this masterclass 100% free (instead of $997) for zSuite subscribers.
stop Losing your best
 customers To Poor Communication
Truth be told, great visual story marketing is at the heart of any great brand and company you will ever come across (think of Nike, Coca-Cola, Disney, etc.). 

If you have never used these battle-tested strategies before, it will change your life and your business. Choose to ignore them, and you may go back to the same space where you are struggling to find a true purpose for your business and are failing to attract the customers you need to grow your business. 
 You don't need to have "branding" experience, nor design experience, not even copywriting or marketing experience. We'll show you everything you need to know without overwhelming you lesson by lesson and step-by-step: it's so easy anybody can do it
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